Racing Rules

Bay Of Plenty Lawn Mower Racing Club

Racing Rules: Feburary 2013

1. Release from liability: All drivers shall sign and submit a release of indemnity in the prescribed form discharging the organisers from all liability.

2. Drivers under 15 years: All drivers under 15 years must produce a written and signed (Minors Release) form granting permission from a parent or legal guardian to participate.


Helmet: Every driver shall wear a protective helmet, which complies with these Rules and Australian/New Zealand Safety Standards while on the track area.
Clothing: Every driver shall wear full body clothing, which is constructed of substantial material and which is of a one piece construction (One piece Overalls), or in the case of a two piece outfit it shall be of motor cross quality or better. For drivers of Class 1 stock mowers long trousers and long sleeved shirt are minimum standard.

Every driver shall wear closed footwear of substantial construction, Lace up footwear with ankle protection is highly recommended.

Every driver must ensure that clothing cannot be caught up in the machinery, chains, belts or any moving parts of his mower.

Every driver must wear eye protection while racing.


“Crew” means guests of the driver who assist in the preparation, repair etc., of the vehicle and who are permitted to enter the pit area.
“Grid” means starting line.
“Pit area” means a separate area set aside for drivers and/or pit crew to perform any work on mowers,

“Steward or Marshal” means an official or person assigned the task of supervising behaviour and other matters in the pit track areas.
“Track area” means track and surrounding area to any external boundaries. The actual track width shall be no less than 4 metres in width.
Crew on grid: No mower may have more than 1 attendant on the grid, in addition to the driver.
Re-fuelling: At any time fuel is being added to a mower—
(a) The driver must have dismounted the mower and the mower engine must be turned off
(b) At any time fuel is being added to a hot machine a correctly rated fire extinguisher must be in the immediate vicinity.

Pets: No pets on pit or track area.

Vehicles permitted on track area: No vehicles other than race mowers or official vehicles such as tow vehicles or track maintenance vehicle shall be on or near the track area.


Approval for participation: The Technical Inspector must first approve any mower. Any fault detected must be rectified.
Re-inspection: At any time deemed necessary, the technical inspector may require the driver to participate in a re-inspection of the mower before participation can continue.
Unsafe or unstable construction: The technical inspector may refuse any mower on the grounds of unsafe or unstable construction.
Mower classification: It is the responsibility of the driver to correctly designate the engine type, size and event classification.
Exclusion: The Organisers reserve the right to reject, at any time, any mower which in their opinion represents an attempt to defeat the spirit of these Rules, even though such mower complies with the letter of these Rules.

Drivers Briefing: All drivers and marshals are required to attend all announced drivers and marshals briefings. Failure or refusal to attend may result in a penalty.

Contact: Deliberate or persistent contact will not be tolerated.

Overtaking: The responsibility for a safe overtaking or passing manoeuvre rests with the overtaking driver.

Obedience to flags:

The following flag signals will be obeyed without question—

(a) A green flag shall start or restart a race.
(b) A red flag means the race is to stop immediately.
(c) A yellow flag –
i. Held stationary indicates trouble ahead, drivers shall immediately reduce their speed and maintain their positions. Overtaking under these conditions is not permitted.
ii. Waved indicates a dangerous condition exists, drivers must exercise extreme care maintain single file and do not overtake while the condition remains.
(d) A black flag indicates a driver is alleged to have committed a serious breach and the indicated driver is required to immediately leave the track and make his way to the pit area. The driver shall not complete the race after a black flag.
(e) A white flag indicates one lap to go.
(f) A chequered flag signifies race end.

Driver Responsibility:

1. If a mower stalls on the track it shall be the first responsibility of the driver to move the mower to a safe position.
2. If a driver leaves the course he/she must re-enter the course as close as practicable to the same point the mower left the course. Driver must not gain any track position advantage.


Permissible fuels
Petroleum or gasoline products commonly referred to as super unleaded-premium unleaded- fuels are the only permitted fuels.


Intoxication: No person shall be permitted to participate in any event; or, shall be permitted to enter the pit or track area as a guest or member of the crew, a flag marshal, a starter or in any other authorized capacity; whilst he/she is in any way affected or under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drug.
Prohibited substances and drugs: No illicit drug, controlled or prohibited substance, shall be tolerated on the venue grounds at any time. The only exemption shall be the possession and use of a prescribed medicine, which is properly used by the person to whom it is prescribed.

Behaviour: Abuse of organisers, officials or other competitors will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may lead to penalty and / or exclusion from the event.

The Scrutineer’s Check List.

The mower should be turned off.
Check the body for:
-Sharp edges and dangerous protrusions
-Secure panels
-Bonnet catches operate properly
-Seat is secure
-Race number
-No suspension
-Chassis complies
Check the Mechanics for:
-Wheels approved construction
-Bearings serviceable
-No oil leaks Exhaust fitted & secure
-Fuel is an approved fuel
-Engine securely mounted
-Brakes are effective
-No ATV balloon type tyres or Tractor type tread
-Chain / belt guards in place & serviceable
-Petrol tank mounted correctly & securely
-Petrol tank construction of an approved type
-Steering wheel mounted securely
-Mower has an approved kill switch fitted & working
-Battery is securely and safely mounted
Have the driver apply the brakes (while seated on the mower) and try to move the mower. Do the wheels turn?
Release the brakes and push the driver and mower in a forward motion, or while moving have the driver apply the brakes. Do they work properly?
Have the driver start the engine and pull the lanyard (kill switch cord). Does the engine stop immediately?

Driver equipment should include:

Full cover clothing
Approved helmet, correctly fitted and fastened securely.
Approved type boots (footwear)
Correctly rated fire extinguisher in equipment
Driver and crew have completed indemnity documentation

Approved for competition “Scrutineered” sticker completed and attached to the mower


Contract to Participate in competition and/ or Events

Enter your full name
Enter your complete address
HEREBY AGREE with the ………………………. that I am by agreement entitled to participate in the Lawn Mower Racing activity on the terms and conditions set out in this document.
Acknowledgement of Risks, Dangers and Obligations.
I ACKNOWLEDGE that the sport of lawn mower racing is dangerous and that by engaging in the sport and participating in (The Meeting) I take and am exposed to certain risks and dangers, and am under certain obligations as follows—
(a) That I may be injured, physically or mentally, and I may be killed;
(b) That my machinery or equipment may be lost, damaged or destroyed;
(c) That other competitors may ride dangerously and with lack of skill;
(d) That track or event conditions may be hazardous and may vary without warning or predictability;
(e) That organizers, officials, landowners, track operators and any agents or representatives of those in charge of meetings are frequently obliged to make decisions under pressure of time and/or events;
(f) That any policy of insurance of or in respect of my life or physical or mental health may be voided;
(g) That there may be no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of me if I am injured;
(h) That I have an obligation to myself and to others to compete safely and within the Rules of Competition.
Indemnity Given to Organisers
IN CONSIDERATION of the acceptance of me as an entrant in (the Meeting) I AGREE TO INDEMNIFY the organizers and each of them in the following manner—
(a) That I participate in (the Meeting) at my sole risk and responsibility;
(b) That I accept (the Venue) as it stands with all or any defects hidden or exposed;
(c) That I indemnify and hold harmless the organizers, their respective servants, agents or officials against any actions or claims which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or in request of or arising out of my death or any injury loss or damage caused to me or to my machinery or equipment whether caused by negligence, breach of contract or in any other manner whatsoever.


____________________________________ ______/______/______

Entrants Signature Date



I, _____________________________ hereby give permission for

Parent / Guardian

_______________________________ being under 15 years of age to compete


in Lawnmower racing. I undertake to ensure that the abovementioned entrant has signed and understands the Contract to Compete in Practice and / or Competition Events as described in Schedule 1. I understand the entrant can only compete on a Class1 Stock or Class 1 modified mower until an acceptable level of competency can be demonstrated.

__________________________________________ ____/____/____

Parent / Guardian Signature Date


Guidelines for Technical Inspection

The person or persons assigned the task of inspecting competition mowers should bear in mind, the primary objective at any event is the safety of all persons.

One person shall be selected as the Chief Technical Inspector and it is he/she who will be authorized to sign the approval to race, “scrutineered” or “approved for competition” stickers.

There is no requirement for the Chief Technical Inspector to be qualified in small-bore engines, etc., but if such a person is available and willing, It is advisable to use him / her. The inspection itself should include the mower, the rider and his equipment.